meet crunchy chic



I am so beyond grateful you stopped by for the first blog ever.

It took a lot of courage to make this site come alive because I convinced myself I wasn’t “eco” enough to do this. I wasn’t as green or granola as Susan or Sam and it meant I couldn’t play in this space.

Here’s the thing… I know that I am no better or worse than anyone else. I love talking about sustainability, conscious consumerism, how to improve our impact on the planet, clean beauty, and everything in-between. Just like you, I’m always learning and love the process. So I’m gonna talk about it even if I’m not as qualified or gung-ho as you. Maybe someday I will be. 🤓

Crunchy chic is an exploration of living life to the fullest, all while ensuring resourcefulness, mindfulness, and sustainability.

For the last 5-10 years, I’ve embraced the crunchy side of myself. I love making my own home cleaners, I brew my own kombucha, I buy secondhand, I compost, I’m obsessed with growing my own produce (even though it rarely works out).

Little by little, I’ve worked on improving every area of my life, all while growing a fast-growing marketing company, renovating a house, and growing a baby. For those that know me well, this is just who I am. The 7 in me (hey, hey Enneagram friends) has to explore my curiosities at all times. It’s obsessive and relentless.

I’ll be spending time focusing on three areas as I begin this journey.

1. Our 1909 Craftsman Home Renovation

We’ve partnered with an amazing local business, Rally Cap Properties, to completely gut an old home with great bones to create a dream home for ourselves. Every part of the process involves decisions about who to purchase from, what to purchase, and how much money to spend.

I’ll dive into some of the decisions we’ve made and why we made them! I hope you can give me some ideas as well. 😁

2. Growing a Baby + Transitioning to Motherhood

I got pregnant in June 2019 and like most women who get pregnant for the first time, I’m questioning (even more than before) everything I consume, use, purchase, etc. Although I’ve got safe + eco cleaning products and beauty brands I use on the regs, I’m assessing everything else and investigating incredible brands for moms/families and great eco options for the home.

3. Awesome Brands

From local shops in Des Moines to national brands that sell worldwide, I want to bring those brands to light! There are people out there who are building businesses with a triple bottom line (B Corporations) and other businesses who care about their water consumption, waste, and overall impact. Unlike traditional corporations who truly only care about the bottom line, I am all in on supporting the individuals who are aiming higher. It takes guts.

I hope I can bring new information to light about sustainability and share from my personal experiences what I am learning. I have spent the last 10 years immersed in Des Moines and building local brands and projects, but a little voice in me has been saying it’s time to rise, to touch lives on a broader level.

While I hope to bring in elements of my life in Des Moines with my husband (and two cats and growing babe), my intention is to be part of bigger conversations and make a global impact.

Thanks for being part of this, friends. ✌️

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