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I’m emily steele



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love the planet, love your life


Over the past five years, I’ve made very minor changes in my life to love the planet + my life better. From making my own cleaning products for several years to choosing hygiene products without hormone disruptors, I want to do my very best to show up every single day knowing that I have done my best for the planet, for my family + friends, and for myself.

Why Crunchy Chic?

I want to document the journey of living a tasteful life and being incredibly mindful about my purchases, my actions on the planet, and what I am consuming.

From motherhood to home renovations to traveling the world with my family, this is my space to explore, hold myself accountable to being better, and hopefully inspire more people along the way to be a little more conscientious.

I have a long way to go to being completely plastic free or zero waste or organic only. And I don’t necessarily aspire to do all of that perfectly, but I do desire waking up and considering my impact with every single action.

We have a lot to teach one another; I hope we can both enjoy the journey and help one another become better humans.




I have two cats, Tyko + Bella, and they are my first children who bring me so much joy.

IOWA Native

Born and raised in Pella and living in Des Moines, Iowa will likely be our permanent home for life.

biz owner

I run a digital marketing company + help small businesses create more visibility and profitability.


My husband, Zach, and I live for adventure and seeing the world. We’re always planning a new trip.


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